Brian Conlan from wins RSA Award 2010

From the RSA website:

Approved Driving Instructor’ Leading Light Award – Mr Brian Conlan

Leading Light AwardMr Brian Conlan, an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) from Newbridge, Co. Kildare, set up, a teaching aid website based on extracurricular learning. Learner drivers from all over Ireland use to help them gain as much information about the driving test as possible, before and while taking driving lessons.

As a driving instructor, Brian could see a need for an extracurricular learning/teaching aid and thought that a mix of videos and online tutorials would be of most benefit to the learner. As an instructor, Brian knew that doing something over and over is not the answer (or good teaching) and that it is better for a learner to sit and enjoy information in an easy to understand format.


Leading Light Award

When a learner finds it hard to complete/learn manoeuvres, they use this site to get a better idea of what they should learn. It will give them a view of what they should be learning from an outside vantage point. By mixing theory with practical tutorials, helps learner drivers to understand driving techniques in an easy to understand format. This means they can sit without distraction and take in the information they need to put into practice when they are with their RSA Approved Driving Instructor and throughout their driving life.


Leading Light Award

The website is helpful not only to learner drivers but to their driving instructors who find that their pupil’s knowledge has increased as a result of the information and videos available to them on the website. The website now has over 8,000 users per month and Brian wishes to continue his work to help poeple from all over Ireland. 

Seen in pictures are Gay Byrne, Noel Brett, Brian Conlan and Noirin Conlan.


Added on 15 June 2011.

Brian has also created the new website which will also hold video tutorials with the same successful format as This new site will be a teaching aid website for the learner and sponsor; driving instructors will also benefit because it will also be used an extracurricular learning tool.

Two basic parts to learning "Education" and "Practice". ( Making Learning Easier